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two honeycomb beds, two laser tubes, 2 extra lens (different focal lenghts), one set of mirrors - automageek

Order is being worked on.

DRO for metal lathe - _zANDER

Currently, math needs to be done to compensate for backlash and screw irregularities. This would be a hurdle for newbies, and not as easy for experienced folks. With a digital read out, we would have to spend time with alignment, but it would be easier from there on. The unit is about $600 but all in it would be just under $1000 There is an option of getting all the separate parts more cheaply, but there would then be no warranty and no support. There is a company in Mississauga that is the likely supplier. There may be Trillium funds available, and if we need to top up, we will wait until the taxes are done.

Emerge Commons in Old Quebec Street Mall - Diyode-Quassel

There may be space available for information or display or other purposes for Diyode and other community groups. Once I research more, I'll get back to the group.

Note to members about non-labeled projects. Time to clean them up! or we will... - Diyode-Quassel

Members will be notified of projects in the shop. After notification they will have a month to pick them up or they will leave the shop by other means

memeber duty list - Diyode-Quassel

Garbage and recycling are tasks that needs to be assigned Garbage goes out Thursday night and gets picked up Friday morning There is a weight limit. If it's overweight, the truck rejects it All sawdust in the bin isn't terrific - needs some other green waste as well. No pressure treated wood or small pieces in the sawdust

welding helmets - Diyode-Quassel

$400 for helmets. Autoshade. We should get reasonable ones, but if they fall 6 inches, they are not good anymore They should last a year.

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