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Topics Discussed

re-create a task list - Eva Bodahelyi

Mark Z can add to the list now

commercial use of Diyode resources - we need to charge for services - Eva Bodahelyi

a lot of people make a little bit of money, where do you draw the line? A comment would be that the people that make moey from the shop pay full price. It may be a case by case basis. To enforce this fairly. Made by Diyode could be a promotional tool. a flurry of activity every once in a while may be more common

Several people have asked about the readiness of the compressor. Can we run a line to it? - Eva Bodahelyi

for the sandblaster. temp solution could work until a main solution is plumbed in. Compressor needs to move, but enough people have ASKED ABOUT THE COMPRESSOR THAT A LINE CAN GO IN TEMPORARILY oops.

Bridgeport head rebuild update - Eva Bodahelyi

it's coming along

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