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curtain call productions - John Roberts

see below

Meeting Notes

Curtain Call
Will start building Saturday. build to happen mid week on two days, and weekend. Build to go to March 7, after frebruary 14th speed of progress will increase.

Surface plate for the mill
Calvin brought one. will build a table. It will go in the clean room and not be moved.
Mauro will show him MIG

Counter on Dufferin
We are discussing potential for occupation, and ideas for the counter offer. It seems that there is a lot of approval of the space.

Government computer sales - Duncan
Look into Grange
Ian Duncan for govenment computers
non profit oin mississauga
They have first refusla for offers of government computers. they refurbish for nof for profits and schools
Shipping free to the organization
Desktops for use witin not for profits fee based systems too. Servers are fee based

Chalk drawing robot blog post

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