Topics Discussed

Santa Claus Parade - simon_clark

We were involved in 9 different floats, won best float for the plane for non-profits.

creative Spaces update on Thursday, GAC, 9:30 to 11 - simon_clark

Mark will go, Simon will send him details.

TEDxGuelphU: Diyode participation - simon_clark

No Thanks, Simon is an ass.

Elevator Project - simon_clark

Lantern Making for winter carnival, Simon will meet with Katrina

Verdi's wordpress workshop. - tony_

People will write more blog posts. Tada,

Another Trillium Grant? - simon_clark

James will lead, Simon will help, Seth, Eva, Brennan. Verdi knows someone..

eWaste bin for Diyode? - simon_clark


build weekend - simon_clark

Will build this weekend. Lots to do. Every one please come out.

Meeting Notes

Eva will organize apart to assemble codeshield kits.

Diyode Christmas Party. Let's have one. December 27th.

Members Present

Brennan McKillop, Eva Bodahelyi, John Roberts, Ken Brown, Liam Mayes, Mark Zander, Simon Clark, Theo Bakker, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond