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Topics Discussed

food coop - automageek

- co-op has $2,000 for web dev funding. - guelph wellington - connect producers to consumers - online farmers market is starting point, - collective purchasing is another ave, - integrate into existing products. - looking for web dev help, - producer \ consumer memberships. - bi-weekly meetings right now. - contact info facebook page - - Andrew Eisen 226-706-5510 is contact.

university of guelph Engineering Competion - automageek

- Jr. Design & Sr. Design competitions. - grasp ideas for competitions. - looking for judges - co-lab is an option - 25 of Jan is comp date. - examples of previous competitions have been sent to Eva. - people can attend the presentations but not the actual competition.

movie night - automageek

- Liam suggested movie night - no pressure, - not enough events - get together for fun, - Liam - Feb

blender club - automageek

- Eva will learn and teach the 3D modelling software Blender through an interactive workshop - much more dynamic than sketch-up, - once a month get together, - Wed \ 3rd week of Month.

2 minute spiel - tiny house - automageek

- Thomas Wall - start huge movement on tiny houses, - society does not work in the long term, - start of communities where we can build $ 30,000 tiny houses, - extendable if need more space, - interested in started up in a new company to help build these. - 647-473-4783 -

codeshield assembly - :automageek

- need to assembly codeshields, all are used up. - 10 or 20 needed. - Brennan will solder up some.

Silk Screen Workshop - Steve - automageek

- First weekend in Feb ? - First Friday in Feb ?

Sunny Acre Sprinkler system - automageek

Chris - Hosing team for sunny acres community rink. - really handy for establishing rink, - takes many hours of flooding - leave running unattended

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