Topics Discussed

- Diyode-Quassel


better lighting in metal shop - automageektu

We need more ballast and regular bulbs. We also need more task lighting. Seth will send link to LED

Meeting Notes

We took a look at the new designs for the clean room/back room storage. Very impressive. Designs on IRC and available on dropbox.

We need to figure out ventilation in the back room. Talk to HVAC professionals about bringing in clean dry warm air.

Doug from Kwartzlab came by - Eva likes the inviting space that kwartzlab has made on the ground floor. Leigh Honeywell made an effort at HacklabTO - still not parity.

Are there lots of associations of hackerspaces? SOONcon (Southern Ontario) and Canadian Creative Spaces (National). Garrick wants to see a list.

Garrick sent an email to Peter about Artist in Residence. Are we going to have a single point of contact? Who is going to arrange training? This should be a member, not necessarily a director.

Eva will look into Ikea buckets to replace our Williams cafe buckets.

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