Topics Discussed

UoG Raspi - _zANDER

600 raspberry pis, 600 power supplies are shipped. 451 HDMI cables are shipped. 600 SD cards are still en route. We will still need to farm out SD card imaging. We should get bags or some kind of other packaging. Mark will request help kitting soon. Anybody with any suggestions or packaging ideas should harass him.

wishlist management and voting - simon_clark

The raspberry pi thing should get us some large chunk of change. We need to know what we're missing in the shop. Simon has put a spreadsheet together to track what we don't have, but do want. Simon will send it out to the members list.

scratch plugin for the codeshield - simon_clark

We have now have a scratch plugin that will allow kids to utilize the codeshield through scratch. Tony has volunteered as the victim to play with this.

codeshield assembly - simon_clark

We're getting more and more requests now that the indiegogo campaign has died. If anyone wants to make a few bucks soldering and testing, contact Simon. We only have about 40 codeshield kits left, so we should have a codeshield kitting party soon.

missing items - simon_clark

We have a small problem with missing items, such as printed plans, the framing hammer and a few other miscellaneous items. Also as a general reminder, check with the board before claiming square footage. Additionally, tools should not leave Diyode.

laser cutter folder cleanup - simon_clark

We're running low on laser cutter dropbox space. Please cleanup your old files. Tony recommends OwnCloud.

Simon's latest great stupid idea - simon_clark

Sooner or later, someone is going to make a sitcom about a hacker space. So Simon is trying to start an open source sitcom about a hacker space.

Build Night. - tonious

We have an Instructables sponsored build night coming up on Wednesday. If you want to build something cool -- or failing that something blinky -- come out on Wednesday.

Santa Claus Parade - tonious

Downtown board has sent out their annual reminder. It will be held on Sunday November the 17th. Diyode may be suckered^H^H^H^H doing the downtown float again. See Adrian for details.

shop cleanup and sort-out, especially member storage - simon_clark

We're completely out of member storage, but there are people taking up multiple cubbies. We're getting new members, so we need more storage.

Meeting Notes

Toronto Mini Maker Faire. Is coming up on September 21st. We're doing a table..., but not a demo. Also, we need to fix the CodeShield Grande. The same day as the New York Maker Faire. Any one want to go to New York? See Simon.

Verdi proposes a card night in September. He'll mail the list.

Our 3rd anniversary is coming up. Let's plan a party for september something!

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Alex Storey, Eva Bodahelyi, Ken Brown, Mark Zander, Simon Clark, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond