Topics Discussed

Mitre saw - simon_clark

Our mitre saw is sub-optimal. There is a nice one that is $225 off until Wednesday, from a regular price of $800. Consensus is to go ahead and get it. Eva will shop. Mark points out that we should reposition the saw to make a safer work environment.

Maker Faire wrap up - simon_clark

There were 4-5000 people through mini-maker faire k/w. General reviews are good! We sold a few codeshields and made some good contacts.

strategic takeover - azend

Verdi was unable to become a director of Kwartzlab. We need to revise our next take-over-the-world plan.

pop run - mobi_clark

Mark and Seth to confer. Seth is on the lookout for a used pop machine. Ken is also going to ask around.

dump run - mobi_clark

We do need to a dump run, and Mark can't lift it all. Seth may be able to assist Wednesday afternoon. Email Mark Zander if you are interested in helping.

members and consumables - mobi_clark

Adrian and Seth are going to help Mark set up some kind of a consumable tracking system.

Signage. - Diyode-Quassel

Ty has the design together for the new sign. We have to put together what we'd like on the new sign. Seth has proposed to cut the signs for $5/sq ft.

Hillside sponsorship. - Diyode-Quassel

Adrian promised Hillside the charging station. They've also asked for a second one -- apparently they're worth enough that we qualify as a level 2 sponsor. Adrian is willing to trade assistance with the charging station for weekend passes.

Meeting Notes

Build night this wednesday at 7pm.

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Eva Bodahelyi, Liam Mayes, Theo Bakker, Simon Clark, Ken Brown, Mark Zander, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond