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FaceBook post about Open House - automageek

Very busy night 2 weeks ago, a couple of people came to visit, we did not greet all the visitors cheerfully, and a person took offense. Eva reached out to the person. Eva asks that if you are here and see someone you don't know, please make sure to include everyone.

Doran Hoge, Tiny House project - sustainable living and green building alternatives - automageek

Doran is checking out space, has idea of a tiny house. design + lots of ideas, learning about resources in community. express interest in doing it. after snow melts, work on it over the summer. idea is to work 3-4 hours per day over the summer. Doran works at university, wants to build a structure that has a very small footprint. wants to know if could use Diyode as base. Diyode is interested in helping. Most of the money is spent on finishing aspects. join diyode as a member in the winter.

laser cutter needs to be cleaned and calibrated. - Diyode-Quassel

Simon cleaned and calibrated. Honeycomb bed sags a lot. Honey comb is off by 3mm across the honeycomb. use the aluminum blocks instead of honeycomb. May need new linear bearings. John will research.

Meeting Notes

Waverley neighbourhood group - Nov 13. ?
We did it 2 years ago.
- art bike
- vortex cannon
- harmonograph
- skee ball table
- peter coleman's stuff.
kid's event.
3 or 4 people attended.
Chris + Ken + Eva + Simon + Brennan

Christmas boxes
- ask Peter if bookshelf sold any ?

CNC Router
- Has anyone talked to Matt.
- lets take it apart.

- should we spend $1,200 ?

We got a lot from active surplus, we could lots of stuff.

Code shields, Eva has an order for 12, and Dave has almost got them put together.

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