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Hamilton mini maker faire June 21 - jroberts_

no one can commit to running a booth

UGDSB information day June 29/30 an opportunity for teachers to gather information about local organizations that offer field trips and class visits to help bring curriculum expectations alive. - automageekCC

talked to Eva earlier, Eva will attend, Scout's will come through Diyode as well. We need to decide on message & decide what we want to communicate to them. Elevator fund left-over, Resources for teachers to come and learn from Diyode.

village toolbox - mass email troubles - Diyode-Quassel

we are being reported as spam provider. Simon needs to pay for mail delivery. Simon is planning on a migration to a paid service.

KW Maker Faire - Diyode-Quassel

October, probably want Diyode to participate. We should participate, reaching out to a lot of community presence. We need to figure out what to take and how to staff. Need a cool need theme or 'Center-Piece' to show our awesome.

3D printer sharing - Diyode-Quassel

Agreement to share one, Brennan to try one this week.

Meeting Notes

Vynil pick up... we need to pick up more supplies.
401 & Hyrontario - All Graphic Supply.
Insurance update.
we are working on it, should be in good shape with Cooperators.
Guelph bulldog interactive fitness.
asking for help with a summer camp.

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