Topics Discussed

The Diyode sign can be rehung. We need volunteers for a short while for this. - Eva Bodahelyi

Liam and crew rehung last week.

A set of Codeshields has been asked about for a classroom. I'm not sure about numbers yet, but can anyone help with making them? - Eva Bodahelyi

Eva has figured out with Mark Zander

bus break in - John Roberts

Jenny bus was broken into, lost a bunch of audio equipment.

Joint project idea from Brian - John Roberts

Heritage presses - printing presses, Brian has experience working with them, different sizes can be built, Brian thought about putting together a sample press, about building a printing press, potential trillium grant to help build them give to schools for education - could turn into a small business John \ chris zimmerman \ eva \ ken \ g

needed equipment - potential donation - John Roberts

estate of parents Jon's parents $ 5,000 potential asking for an idea of if diyode needed 'one thing' what would it be.

back door - not locked - John Roberts

how do we keep the back door locked ? or at least - how do we keep making sure that it is locked when people leave.

pop machine fan - John Roberts

Liam fixed the fan, so now the pop is cold again. motor was fine, but was stripped, liam fixed.

Meeting Notes

eva has had a request to do black-smithing here.
eva is concerned about noise & having a furnace that is really set up for it.

sept 26 - king george school night.

Members Present