Topics Discussed

fixup CodeShield Grande for MakerFaire - _zANDER

Please help Mark fix it!

new welder - simon_clark

Brennan brought in a new welder. It's a MIG welder, that will weld up to 1/2

ceiling maintenance - simon_clark

Renting a scissor lift for a weekend will cost $2-300 for a weekend. We need to plan ahead electrical drops, air drops, ethernet, replacement lighting, fans, external exhaust, &c. Other alternative is getting portable scaffold. John will phone to see if a portable scaffold is more cost effective.

dust collection - simon_clark

Officially now part of the fund money. We need 2 HP or bigger. Brennan to work out a recommendation.

miusagetes thing - simon_clark

Musagetes is hosting a 4-5 day 'cafe' next week discussing making art more central and more meaningful in Guelph. There will be debates, panel discussions, installations, &c. One of their installations is a multiplayer video game done by the post-commodity collective out of Albequerque. They're looking four eight members from the community to participate in this game, Saturday afternoon, Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening and Thursday evening. There are callout sheets posted on the pop fridge.

Pi roundup - tonious

As of today, we've sold 700 kits.

Toronto MakerFaire - tonious

This weekend, 10-5.

wellbeing grant - simon_clark

Eva and Dave went to the meeting. The city has $245,000 to hand out. They usually hand out 50 of ~70 applications. Simon is putting in for a set of classroom laptops.

Meeting Notes

Mark would like to do regular movie and board game nights at Diyode over the winter. Anyone who would like to help out should speak to him.

Members Present

Brennan McKillop, Eva Bodahelyi, John Roberts, Ken Brown, Mark Zander, Simon Clark, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond