Topics Discussed

New sign for sign holder outside - azend

Still waiting on word from the landlord.

Conestoga IEEE 3rd year paper night - azend

April 18th. Verdi is looking for Judges. Tony has not stepped back fast enough.

Ubuntu Release Party - azend

Verdi's hosting one, sometime in May. Verdi to announce later. - simon_clark

Simon is looking for members to commit to going down It takes place June 27-28th, and exhibitor registrations are open until June 7th. Also mini-makerfaire KW is coming up on June 15th. They're still in the planning stages, but they've got a venue sorted (KW city hall).

Meeting Notes

Andrew notes that the Guelph Community (food) Co-op is getting off the ground. There's a poster up in the Diyode shop, or talk to Andrew.

The Centennial Eco-Fair is coming up on the 16th.

We've been offered a 300 tonne press. It has a 3'x4' footprint, and weighs a few tonnes it self. Mark notes that we may require a cage to use it. Matt notes we could make stainless steel sinks.

Members Present

Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond, Brennan McKillop