Topics Discussed

UofG SoCS Raspberry Pis and Cases - tonious

Judy is a prof at the university. will be teaching 600 students on raspberry pi. Is interested in knowing if we would be able to buy 600 pis, SD cards, cases, cables and power supplies.. We can possibly sell for around $100. COGS would be ~$60. Outlay of $36,000 gets us $24,000

Maker Faire plans for Detroit - simon_clark

Simon, Seth, Matt and Theo are interested in being a part of a Diyode booth at Maker Faire Detroit

Minga Skill Building - simon_clark

yes, we feel we are idealogically aligned with Minga, and are interest

classroom set of laptops - simon_clark

We will discuss it again when we have a number

tv - simon_clark

no one knows whose it is. Will put a no dumping sign up.

truck - simon_clark

Christoph will get mechanic to quote on it. If it's low enough, we will go ahead.

Haiti - simon_clark

Haiti is starting to move again. Will discuss more shortly

Meeting Notes

Members Present

Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond, Theo Bakker, Simon Clark, Peter Coleman, Liam Mayes, Ken Brown