Topics Discussed

AGM Director Voting - simon_clark


Truck maintenance - zANDER_

Truck will need exhaust repair. Union between manifold and pipe above the catalytic convertor. Hopefully, we can fix it in house. Otherwise, we made need parts. James and Ken put up their hands to fix. Mark to get a quote.

AGM State of the space - simon_clark

Ken leading electrical work. Pat is willing to help. Still some decisions to be made. Jason Clattenburg is doing a monthly dump run.

Kwartzlab Codeshield workshop - azend

Family day, there is a codeshield workshop at

Haiti - simon_clark

Eva explains: * Arranging a shipping container to go to Haiti. * Hacker spaces across Canada are going to fill it with tools. * It will travel from West to East.

Theatre Group Set build - simon_clark

A group at UofG is building an entire set by March 1st. They'd like to become members, and purchase some extra space in the large workshop. They will give us promotion at the door, in the program. We need to decide what it's worth to us, and if we'll allow them. Mark and Simon spoke with them. The University Shop is not available to them. We've advised them that 12AM to 3PM is the ideal time; preferably not during weekends. We'll tape out a space for them... Where the CNC router is now. James called out Seth to serve as liaison.... Vote to give them access for $100 + advertising passes.

Artist in residence application - simon_clark Currently one official application in. Seth potentially entering an application. Mark and some other board member to review.

Tool abuse prevention - simon_clark

We've had a few instances of tools getting used too hard. Alex's sharpening stone has a gouge in it... $50 table saw blade is now missing two teeth. Also, the thickness planer has nicks in the blade. We need a protocol so that people who do use tools enough a) are trained in blades / consumables. b) accounts for consumables in case of extensive use. Simon's goal is prevention, not accounting... Time to push training and tracking of tools. Tool tracker ( ) should be kept updated, and we should link back to that. Adrian points out that this maintenance should be a line item in the budget. Mark and James have pointed out that we need better training and orientation. Tony points out that we also need to do monthly equipment checks. We might need a curriculum for each tool, or a training matrix that we can run. We'll punt this offline or to next week. - azend

Verdi made a website that aggregates all of the different hackerspace blogs in Ontario. This should get us (and other hackerspaces) blogging more. Verdi wants to run a blogging workshop at some point.

remind me to lock the door at 16:55 - tonious

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AGM Any Other Business - simon_clark

Seth talked about the upcoming vacuum former project, Theo wanted to start more workshops going.

Meeting Notes

Seth says:
His vacuform project is coming along. If anybody sees an old bedframe, grab it, and he'll use the angle iron.

On that note, we need a wishlist section on the website.

And the tally comes in: This year's board consists of:

* Simon Clark
* Adrian Harding
* Eva Bodahelyi
* Tony Thompson
* Mark Zander

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Alex Storey, Chris Zimmermann, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond, Theo Bakker, Simon Clark, Mark Zander, Liam Mayes, Ken Brown, John Roberts, James McKeown, Eva Bodahelyi