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Doors Open Guelph & Culture Days - John Roberts

Eva is signed us up for Culture Days Canada Wide event to express culture & community, 22,000 events across Canada Sept 28 - 29. Great exposure & our 8th anniversary. 10 - 2 pm BBQ Doors open: Deadline is next Tues, need to work on application

Electrician planning - John Roberts

Coming next Monday to install electrical work. Peter Coleman has offered to help. Need 2x4 wall, with insulation and drywall. Patrick Blaze is electrician.

Tenants for front offices - John Roberts

One Tenant - should be moving in this week. We need to find 4 more tenants. Some social media: Kijiji - john will list. Tweet about it.

Super Science Saturday @ Library - John Roberts

have been doing it for 4 or 5 years, 1-3 pm, at the main branch. this Sat.

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Hack - Manhattan trip report:
John visited last week,
it was small and really well organized.

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