Topics Discussed

big dust collector - should we sell it - Diyode-Quassel

Yes! It's great at collecting dust -- outside of the bags. We're migrating to a shopvac for each tool system now. We have a few shop vacs now (not yet installed but we still need more).

big band saw training - Diyode-Quassel

Brennan - Put in a request to Brennan to get training and you'll get training. The switch is still iffy but deemed

year end financial update - Diyode-Quassel

We don't have it yet. Will need to wait for another meeting.

santa claus parade ... inflatable textile character - Diyode-Quassel

Adrian will go to James and will figure out what Diyode is doing. We're also going to have another float with Diyode's name on it.

Space upstairs - David Waymouth's summary - automageek

Not going to happen. The price is too high.

tool dissasembly and storage after Monday night meeting - automageek

We've done a small shop cleaning and rearranging. There's a few motors we should get rid of because they're taking up space. Can we move some of the stuff in our shop to the shed. We need to follow it up with a more thorough cleaning.

Request to Simplify Website(s). Creation of new member orientation package - Gaurav__

Gaurav has brought up that our new membership documentation isn't very good and leaves new members lost. Gaurav and Mike will help put together some documentation and Verdi will help with anything they need.

Guelph computer library - Diyode-Quassel

Bang is looking at putting together three computer labs and a moving computer lab / makerspace on a truck. He thought of us to help build the thing and support it. He's got the computers but may need some volunteer time to get them running again. Diyode is interested in helping out. Simon will discuss with Bang to get a project scope.

Reprocussions to using tools that you're allowed to use - Diyode-Quassel

*Typo: not allowed to use. Members will now have a three step repercussion process to deal with people who've not been trained or use tools which have been expressly said to be not fit for duty: 1) Warning 2) Months suspension 3) Member gets kicked out. If you do not use the tools appropriately, you may be subject to a financial penalty. If you accidentally break tools and you have been trained, this should not apply to you. We will also put in a sign for what to do when you find a tool broken. We also need to revisit our training programs.

Meeting Notes

Eva is thinking of getting an x-carve. Our current CNC sucks and we should think about getting something else. Everyone is in favor of selling the CNC.

There's also a few tools under the main woodworking bench. We should get rid of them to better organize the shop.

Training is currently a problem at Diyode. We need to work on a new training strategy if we're going to punish people for not being trained. Perhaps we should introduce training materials into the new member package.

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