Topics Discussed

door bot troubles - jroberts

need to put picture into website, before key will work,

moving metal shear to laser cutting room. No dust, and can help with water jet/ metal laser cutter projects in future - automageektu

Ed's proposal, machine is not in a good spot, can not really use it where it is, needs to be moved, does not create sparks \ dirt \ is almost a 'clean tool' Red lathe is going, so that makes more room as well, shear requires room in front and lubrication. revisit once the clean room is finished.

Meeting Notes

Ceiling Tiles:
in front room,
19 more in John's car,
all used,
and there are more, and track and connectors.
John to proceed,
Chris to help replace tiles tonight.

Networking move:
need to get new cameras on line.
John & Micheal & Ken

Clean Room flooring:
clean out as next step.

extruder works, is leaving on wednesday,
brennan did a great job.

Car share:
need to discuss,
need to provide lighting of parking space,
need to talk to landlord about designated spot.
need to understand what diyode is on the hook for vs the members.

- 60 sold so far,
ordered more, hope to sell another 60 tomorrow.

Finance Committee:

Members Present