Topics Discussed

Metal shop footprint - simon_clark

Last week we discusses re-arranging the metal shop. The loose consensus is to get rid of ~80% of the wood, and decommission the blue wood storage shelving, and expand the machine shop slightly. We would have to build an 8 foot wall. We will do some preliminary cleaning tonight.

replacement of metal cutting saw - simon_clark


more reliable laser cleaning schedule - simon_clark

Laser cutter got _really_ disgusting. Tar (MDF residue) builds up on the honeycomb bed. We need two, so we can rotate through, and a pressure washer might assist as well. Blower fan was also full of dust. Many hackerspaces have people/groups who own the maintenance of a tool. Kind of a stewardship program. Even a monthly rota or chart (i.e.: public washroom maintenance).

Approve Anti-Harassment Policy. - _zANDER

Board has ratified anti-harassment policy. Side bar re: minor members. General consensus is that minor members cannot bring in guests. The board will discuss policy.

Tiny house build relocation to Diyode - automageektu

Subfloor construction of tiny house has begun, but may lose access to their current construction space. They are interested in building at Diyode. They are willing to pay for a parking space. Estimated completion for 1st November. Board discussion post meeting.

Experience Guelph event - 60 volunteers - simon_clark

August 31st, the University wants to send 60 volunteers to us to do something. What can we do with 60 people? Can we even fit 60 people into the shop? Can we use a smaller number for cleaning? Inventory? Christmas float? If anybody has a workable, practical, _positive_ application, please email the mailing list.

diode phone number - mobi_clark

Soft phone 226-706-4149. Tony will donate an ATA.

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Brennan McKillop, Chris Zimmermann, Colin Udowiczenko, Eva Bodahelyi, James McKeown, John Roberts, Mark Zander, Simon Clark, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond