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Mark Zander's Scratch program for Arduino - Eva Bodahelyi

Codeshield , Arduino is a single board microcontroller. Industru standard for interfacing wit the world. Codeshield was created because there was a gap in teaching electronics. Codeshield helps you learn how to program. Mark wants to resurrect it. Mark has alwaqyus wanted a Scratcvh interface, in particular with the Codeshield. Mark wants people to work with it to see if it breaks. He will bundle instructions and throw it our to us. Google Drive will have the docs. Mother's day kids and code

Doors OpenSaturday, April 27, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m - Eva Bodahelyi

Volunteer coordination day is April 2. We need to clean up Mark with think about traffic flow for the day

DIYversifixcation Grant more publicity - Eva Bodahelyi

DIYversification I meant. Jamie feels that more publicity is needed. He may help with that. It needs more exposure in our media.

Plans for Wellbeing Grant of $3,000 - Eva Bodahelyi

Rent is a good idea.

one of rental rooms as a fabric room - Eva Bodahelyi

needs a group to be behind it.

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