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tool pricing from Brennan - Diyode-Quassel

We went to Normand (Simon & John & Brennan) Table Saw: 36

truck repairs - automageek

Truck needs: 1) Brakes 2) Ball Joints 3) Trailer Hitch 4) Wipers 5) Brake motion sensor error ------------ Estimate was $1,500 from mechanic. Could do the work ourselves, if we have the time. A second opinion would be good for the ball joints. ---------- Dave will take it to Norm's on Friday. Approved to 1) Brakes fixed 2) Sensor Troubles 3) Assess ball joints 4) Idea of where to go for hitch.

hillside - Diyode-Quassel

Hillside needs our chargers. Hillside is offering space in community tent. Tickets to hillside included. Chris + Eva would be in to man booth. Eva to send to group to find extra person to man booth. Adrian to co-ordinate power supply and cables.

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