Topics Discussed

Weekend roundup - simon_clark

Seth says the Eco-Market was positive; we had a lot of interest even though the makerbot had stage-fright. Mark says the bird house skill building exercise also went well; he used 36 birdhouse kits.

Centennial Highschool Ecofair - simon_clark

Centennial would like diyode to talk about what we do on thursday, april 16th from 1pm to 3:30 and the general public from 5pm to 8. Seth can do the day, and Dave Croal expressed interest in attending the evening session.

Kazoo fest. - tonious

Ben Grossman stopped by our eco market booth, and is running a session at kazoo fest; he thinks there's some cross-pollination and asked us to plug.

Inform DIYode community about the Inventory tags. - zANDER_

Just a reminder that all tools are tagged now; check the tag before operating any given machine.

Stocking Consumables for member purchase. - zANDER_

We're looking at stocking small amounts of raw materials, and need to formalize how store and track our stock. Seth and Tony expressed interest in helping.

600 Raspberry Pies - simon_clark

Recap from last week.

Bay Area Maker Faire - simon_clark

Our booth has been approved. Matt will be departing in Cancun. We are arranging to have three drivers there, and two back. Simon will fly down.

Meeting Notes

Fron has a friend who would like to donate fasteners... _organized_ fasteners. We are definitely interested.

Members Present

Brennan McKillop, Ken Brown, Liam Mayes, Simon Clark