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Clean Room:
how to seperate noisy, dirty areas from clean room ?
New clean room from middle door to third door.
3D Printer:

Table saw blade sharpening:
Andrew is willing to take blades to JL's.

Aquire buckets:
Williams - during day, asking for manager.
Eva will ask.

Old Wow 3D printers:
Got them working on the weekend,

New printer,
All open source.
can print all parts except metal base.
Larger print area.
heated bed (big heater).
can be easy to customize.
Print quality seems fairly good.
not quite as nice as 'Taz 4'
$ 699 USD for kit, plus shipping & customs.
Single extrusion head.
can use 5 different filimants.
PLA \ ABS \ Ninja Flex \ Heli-Flex

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