Topics Discussed

Community service hours. - tonious

Yes we will be willing to entertain hours for high school students. See a board member.

Ubuntu Release Party - azend

Verdi is running a release party on May 10th. He's looking for people to come out and either hack or heckle. He'll send out details on the list, and remind us on IRC. This saturday is the antenna building workshop... and sunday is mother's day....

San Mateo Trip Prep - simon_clark

Simon leaves Monday, Seth and Matt leave Wednesday. What do we want to send? If anybody else wants to include anything, they should prep it and hand it off to Simon prior to Saturday the 11th. Simon would like a big fabric codeshield banner and some diyode t-shirts. If you want to help, meet w/ simon after the meeting.

Win an evening with Simon Clark - simon_clark

Mark has volunteered to drive Simon to the airport.

Codeshield Grande - simon_clark

It's coming together! Big tasks left: silkscreen, switch and button.

Dump trip. - tonious

We really need a dump run; Mark has volunteered after a thundering silence.

Meeting Notes

Seth brought in three tables for the back room.

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Brennan McKillop, Ken Brown, Liam Mayes, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond