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Meeting Notes

Tool Theft:
asset tags are alumimum tags that can be attached to tools.
stickers can be removed or permanenant
Have lost:
bisket jointer
lathe chisels
machinery fixtures

Could engrave tools ...

approved to replace porter cable bisket jointer.

Container Storage:
Curtain Call Productions
wants to store a container for 2 months for set construction.

handy-panel style
2 x 2 or 2 x 4 hard board 1/8 or 1/4 board.
honesty program
prices per pcs.
100 or 200 dollar initial buy.

Rona Contractor Account:
Peter will look at getting Doyode a contractor account.

PI Sales:
Needed for Jan 12 - need at least 20.
Need 20 for another course.
10 for Diyode
Eva will order parts tomorrow.

Impact Sockets:
Diyode has a set now.

Xcarve status:
Steve has mostly built.
will work on it after the new year.
May take another few weeks.

Mobility scooter clean-up:
Brennan says sorry.

Scoll Saws:
Linda was trying to use.
Mark's is now working
Peter has a small one on offer.

Air Nailer:
Need to purchase new nailer.
Chris and Brennan to review and make a recommendation on buying a new air nailer.
Bostich at home hardware is $ 160.

Thank you to Barzotti for support.
Wood donation.
Eva will add and send to Barzotti.

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