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Meeting Notes

Steven says the shop upstairs was cleaner than it has been in a long time.

Ed was asking if we have a vacuum for carpeted areas, yes we have central vac. We looked at the state of the hose for the central vac and it needs attention the tape is not very good.

Verdi added a shop cleanup to the list of topics, for a shop clean up. Zander Lets don't do it after a meeting because people start to avoid the meeting as a result. Ed mentioned that we don't seem to have a appropriate supply of cleaning products. If we get some maybe they will clean it.
Pizza to clean up date.

Jamie. Lets do a sheet for tours so we can give out the right information.

Jamie. asked if we do have all the AGM reports he would like to put the list together. Verdi ask why and Jamies reply was, he is doing a history of Diyode poster.

Ken M. Pointed out that we are terrible at collecting the paperwork. Zander suggested that we scan them 3 years ago that is what he did. John R. mention he could take them to work and have them scanned. We need to collect them and don't fold them so they can be scanned.

Eds work shop "tech yourself" once a month help people solve there own tech problems. Zander gave the repair library as an example.

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