Topics Discussed

Meeting Notes

Bulk Purchase Arylic:
have used up most of what we purchased.
P&A - Plastic and Allied - Hamilton
Commercial Plastic in Toronto
Tristan - will talk to his supplier
Ken McMillian - will talk to P & A
good supplier in hamilton

X-carve bits:
Micheal - bought 3 new bits - 1/8 - 3/ 16 - 1/4

clean room next steps:
Eva will work on rubber mats tonight.
mats need cleaning
cabinet needs to go.

idea: new planer
existing machine - maintenance is getting more
- bed rollers are a pain to keep in alignment
- blades are very hard to change

Table Saw -
new guard
- Eva will call Normand to buy a new one

Curtain call
- pod is leaving on Mar 22.

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