Topics Discussed

Stroke Sander belts - Ken Brown

Andrew was looking into prices for the stroke sander.

Meeting Notes

First meeting hosted by Me.

The parts for the mill head have come through customs, says Mark the man Lyons.

Ken M. Cliff, Msrk Lyons, and Veridi are going to volunteer to help solder at the diversity soldering works thursday the 27th of June.

The following soldering work shop has been moved to July some time.

The laser printer is drawing 80 watts of power and we should come up with a solution to reduce the carbon foot print.Timer, switch, and or sign.

Chris has a bunch of free stuff for the club.

Andrew was looking into prices for the stroke sander.

Mark Zander has noticed that the metal shop is a disaster thanks to ??? so Ken B. is going to show us a way to check the camera and see who it was.

Zander gave aq rousing speak about the noise complaints

points 1 See signs
2 please be respectful
3 be kind to neighbors
4 bylaw 9pm to 7am weekdays
9pm to 9am weekends
5 to help that we have cut back it to 7pm to 7am weekdays
6 point to reopen the window after the noise
7 Zander has said that the city has a special rule for excessive noise that can't be bothering anyone.

Meeting is complete.

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