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Tiny House with Aaron - jroberts

20' by 9' foot trailer, either move to Halliburton, or move towards Fergus, some carpentry experience, working as a framer. Not scared by this project, good confidence. Wood Stove as heat source. Registered as a trailer, can live in it 8 months at a time. dry building. no pipes, no running water. how long to build - hoping to finished by mid \ late may. have funds for materials. not 'done done' by may, but walls & roof. one angle, low wall @ 7'. Jenny will be back.

rolls of paper - jroberts

Liam turns 19

fastener racking - jroberts

Not sure how to make it work well. need to stock it, hang on wall, with proper labels on each bin.

Simon Haiti Update - jroberts

Simon is home, from 2 weeks in Haiti, with the plastic recycling machines. Started in June 2016, when Simon's cousin asked him to help, she runs a midwife clinic. Haiti is really really poor. Simon got help from Brennan - Eva - Liam - Mauro - Andrew - Ken tried to build 3 machines - shredder - compression oven - extruder ran into alot of problems. When Simon came home - shredder worked great - oven did not work, could not find parts - extruder - fully assemblied, but they only get 4 hours of electricity per day. could not test it enough. Simon thinks it should work, but it needs more work They saw it could work. Travis built a work yard, trains them on tools,

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Eric - needs to clean up old trailer back.
Eva will reach out to Eric.

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