Topics Discussed

Skateboard workshop - azend

Adam Rutherford -- youth coordinator at city of guelph -- wants to hold a workshop in concert with the museum where kids could bring in old skateboards, and turn them in to clocks. The museum thinks this is more of a diyode project. Age group is likely to be 12-15 year olds. There is some interest, however Verdi wants absolutely nothing to do with this.

March 23rd Ecofest participation - simon_clark

Transition Guelph Resilience Festival is coming up on March 23rd at St. George's Church. Erin Richan is looking for volunteers to run workshops on building cold frames, greenhouses, container gardens or other DIY eco/green projects. Anybody interested in running a workshop should get in touch with Mark Zander. Guelph Environmental Leadership is running an Ecofest in Old Quebec St. Mall on the same day. Minga Skill Building is also part of the resilience festival. All three groups are looking for Diyode involvement.

Move Laser Cutter - Diyode-Quassel_

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Put up steel shelves - Diyode-Quassel_

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Web presence for projects looking for helpers. - zANDER_

The problem is we stick something in the meeting notes, and it never gets handled. This has developed into a feature request to bring meeting topics forward on a weekly basis. Zander: We have a lot of medium sized projects that drop off of our awareness. We need to be able to track these through the website, so people can join these projects even if they're not mentioned in meetings. There's a gap where projects are happening, and the group at large is not aware. How do we bring this up? Also, comments should be in reverse chronological order. Eva, Simon and Mark to develop. Tony to QA.

Family Hack Jam at the Museum - zANDER_

Nothing new to say this week. Any body to volunteer, contact Simon. We almost have enough codeshields soldered. John Roberts, Seth Schwartz and Matt Harding have expressed interest this week.

Catapults and snowmen - zANDER_

If anybody wants to help make a snowman and a snowball catapult for Family Day, contact Verdi who is making Mark talk about this.

Meeting Notes

Haiti Shipping Container update:
Our contact in Haiti hasn't responded to emails. Simon is trying to follow up. Aside from that, Frank Valeriote has expressed interest, as have some of the other hacker spaces.

Free Television workshop coming up on Thursday at 7pm!
Ed is hosting, and might do a followup session on a Saturday.

It looks like we'll have to pay our HST up front, and then we'll likely get refunded on it.

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Brennan McKillop, Simon Clark, Ken Brown, Theo Bakker, James McKeown, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond