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multimeters are in questionable working order. Each one has problems. Do we get a good oneÉ - automageektu

Yes. 3 need to be labelled with problems. Not defective, can use voltage both AC & DC. Recommend we buy a 'Fluke' multi-meter or two. Team is interested in a bench mounted unit. Action: Daryl to make a recommendation by net week.

fix outside lights by/above the doors - Diyode-Quassel

One light got fixed. Light above loading door would be nice. Motion sensor would be nice, TSC ? Gavin will investigate.

secure shed or dismantle it within a week - automageek_

Landlord is concerned about our shed. Shed contains mix of stuff, has been used by homeless people for shelter. Oil Drum. Decision was to de-assemble. Contents need to be dis positioned.

Guelph Tool Library: Our event started small as a day to drop off tool donations and grew. So now that it's a mini repair cafe, perhaps some of your members would be interested in helping fix stuff. DiYode could have a display, solicit members, sell stuff, whatever you like. - simonclark

Tool Library - have a lot of plans. Do not have a place yet. Got a grant, and are buying tools.

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