Topics Discussed

metal bandsaw - jroberts

Eva going to get drive wheels this week.

truck - jroberts

communication coming. Truck disposal plan. Offer to members.

clean room next steps - jroberts

Ed is working on Matts tonight.

230 V stick welder - jroberts

team is interested, John will talk to owner.

move big trailer - jroberts

Landlord - parking plan - Eva has emailed Aaron about moving the trailer. - Brennan will move.

web site link - diyode to tool library - jroberts

Ed has the idea that we should have a website link between Diyode and Tool Library, Library is getting funding from 'urban agriculture' and 'transition guelph.' Eva would like to visit and talk with them.

Meeting Notes

Steve - updated stereo in the wood shop,

Steve brought a metal kiln, can melt alum.
Owned by Brennan and Mauro
owned by Mauro

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