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Topics Discussed

Meeting Notes

Ed's fundraiser:
Christmas tree fundraiser for his daughter's soccer team. Option to get a potted tree service, pay $ 85, they bring tree to your house, and then after 10 days, take it to city parks and plant them. Ed may need help planting trees in Jan.

Topic: Planner Repair
Planner needs to taken apart and re-calabrate.
Rollers are not 'true'
Simon is willing to try, looking for help.
Newer blades have been found.

Liam's exhaust hood:
Good work Liam !

Topic: Santa Claus Parade Clean Up.

Topic: Member Storage Round 2.
Simon + John to take a look

Topic: Maker Bot Repairs
One of the proposals was that it would be too expensive to repair.
Brennan will sponsor rebuild.
Expecting 300 - 400 of expense, Brennan has a lot of parts already.

Topic:Sap in wood tools.
Simon was in on Sat, 1 1/2 hour cleaning table saw and planner covered in wood sap.
Simon to send out a note to the list.
e-mail to list.

Wood stored in the metal shop.

Door Bot
New Pi controller has issues, simon will take a look.

Truck Topper:
Can we move it so it does not get wrecked after meetings

Air Nailers, on Brennan's to do list
Where is oil ?
Take inventory of guns and nails.

- free hardwood, yes we want the wood.

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