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Topics Discussed

Jenny Mithchell's van makeover - automageek

We are sending her the discussion around setting up her project.

Cleanup outside the workshop before the show comes to stay - Diyode-Quassel

Set for Saturday in the morning starting between 10 and 11 a.m. Done December 6th

recepts to memebers, HST number, AGM reports for members not at AGM - automageektu

Adrian will send information to those who request it

Guelph Arts Council informal holiday party at the Western Hotel on Tuesday, December 16 from 7-9 pm - _zANDER_

Informal party 7-9 next tuesday night, hang out with arts people. bring art \ exchange gift. Eva & Mark are signed up.

ron - simon_clark

Ron passed away last Sunday, Simon does not know if there is funeral, 100 donation & card.

magnetic starters - simon_clark

Safety for large tools. push button start \ stop on large metal machines. around $ 500 per tool to buy. around $ 50 to build them. Step 1, control Step 2, ibutton.

laser cutter filter box - simon_clark

Liam built filter box, runs off of 20x20 furnance filters Redesign to rev 2, Filters dust that blocks out exhaust fan. Discuss and see if improvements are needed.

compressor - simon_clark

2 l of water removed, air filter was clogged and cleaned. need tool stewart.

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