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new planer:

Michael has noticed about currne t planer has a lot of compalints. Helical planer is easier to fix. More benefit Terry says that the current one is out for quite some time if its down. the rollers are beat up.
Brennan says it never worked well sine we have had it. Carftex - also the sander, isn't as reliable as we hoped. We have time to research before taxes etc are dont. We could buy a sharpener and do that ourselves.
This one was about $500 so we got our money's worth. thei one will do 14.5
Helical would be quieter. steel blades $2 to 3 per tooth. about $4000 for a new one.

kelly gillies for curtain call:

Student theatre group. Rules put in place for this year. Wants feedback.
Chris and Terry said they didn't notice anything. They appreciated the heads up. There was no mess. Kelly was the production manager and oversaw the events.
Play starts tomorrow night. "Heathers" . Tuesday thursday Friday Saturday at 8 also a 2 pm show on Saturday.

New guard for table saw.

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