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Topics Discussed

pressure washer? - mobi_clark

Chris to purchase.

Scout visit tomorrow night from 7 to 9 They need need some workbench space and a palm sander or two. We can bring our own sandpaper and a couple of sanders as well. - automageek

Chris will supervisor.

Meeting Notes

Well Being Grant Ideas:
1) Laser Cutter. Bigger foot-print.
2) Milling Machine (think $10,000)
Do we have an idea of the number of users of our existing mills ?
If we don't have many users who can use the Tieg, can we learn to use a real mill.
Hoping it would draw more members.
should we survey the membership about this tool ?

Would someone like to write well being grant ?

Pi Sales 2016:
Thursday \ Friday \ Monday
order $ 480.
60 left.

probably net around 8,000 profit.

Maker Faire update
very poorly attended,
one inquiry every 15 minutes.

Clean Room Update:
Insulating Tonight, then will be drywall.

Santa Claus Parade:

Members Present