Topics Discussed

container house - simon_clark

The city, the landlord and Christoph are *ahem* negotiating over the status of the container house. This has the potential to become a mess.

Science Hack Day Guelph - tonious The nanobiology club at UofG is putting together a hack weekend at Ed Video, the 19th and 20th of October. Theo has volunteered to act as a contact point if they wish to use the Diyode space.

igniteGuelph 2, October 25th - simon_clark

Simon will not be speaking at this one. However, Diyode may operate a contest again. E.g.: Pipe cleaner structural engineering or something.

Pam and Ben Sculpture base - simon_clark

They did a collaborative during sculpture in Art on the Street, and are looking for a base. If he shows up, we might talk about it again.

Erin and the Sewing Machine - simon_clark

Erin and Andrew have packed up their yurt and moved to Ottawa. Erin would like to sew a cover to it. She'd like to borrow the sewing machine for two weeks. Approved, for a 1 month membership. Also, we need to officially complete the purchase of that sewing machine.

Santa Claus Parade - tonious

Is approaching quickly. It's a month and a bit away. If we want to build something, we need to get it done soon. Adrian will check with James. Right now we're only committed to helping the DBA with their float. This year, the landlord hasn't asked for any help.

Meeting Notes

Simon was approached by a member who hasn't been coming in very much, but is still storing stuff. He wants to know if he can pay less. The general consensus is that we are not u-store-it.

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Brennan McKillop, Eva Bodahelyi, John Roberts, Liam Mayes, Simon Clark, Theo Bakker, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond