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Would a drum sander be used at Diyode? - Eva Bodahelyi

Drum sander keeps things very level. You can get a consistent thickness, using a micrometer. Can get them at 120 V or 220 220 has medium and coarse grit. We are running our of spots for 220 There is one on sale durable enough for us. 18" is on sale $1500. Ryobi may not be robust enough for us. One to look at is a Ryobi for $550 on Kijiji right now 16" - would not be durable enough for us. Use - 3mm ply, end grain at least 6 inches thick or more capability. useful and would speed people's projects. Increase the shop capability. We would need to encourage people to bring their own consumables We will bring this up at the AGM Industrial ones are more General is $2000 on auction, but rare

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