Topics Discussed

AGM - simon_clark

The AGM is set for November 24th. We will be electing seven (yes! seven!) directors this year. If anyone would like to run for director, please let Simon know.

trailer - simon_clark

Verdi and Brennan have both investigated trailers. There are dual axle used trailers in the $2.5k-$3k, however many have been poorly maintained. Alternatively, new trailers go for $3 to $3.5k (plus taxes) with a warranty in our area. This would give us a trailer that wouldn't fall apart, even though the truck might. By the AGM, we should have a prioritized wishlist, and we'll be able to see if a shiny new trailer makes the cut.

tech days at library - simon_clark

November 1st, the Guelph Public Library is having a Tech Day. Eva is spearheading this, and bringing the harmonograph. She is looking for cool projects that she can bring to show off and advertise Diyode.

family hack jam - simon_clark

Sean Yo is organizing the Family Hack Jam at The Museum in Kitchener. They're looking for BristleBots, and want to know if we can teach anything. Sean will bash together some BristleBots, and Brennan will help if necessary.

metal lathe - simon_clark

We found a metal lathe, but weren't able to get it in time. Brennan is still looking. There's one up on Kijiji in Orillia. Brennan is investigating. Ken suggests that three phase might be out. We don't have a spare phase convertor. A new lathe is ~$6000 which is out of the budget. We're going to sit on it, and see what we can pick up used.

skeeball - simon_clark

Skeeball table is 80% done. Mark Zander is going to finish up Wednesday if anyone would like to help.

Meeting Notes

Dahlia and Simon will be building a blast furnace Hallowe'en weekend. They need a 14-18" steel pail (for the barrel) and a small length of 8" sonotube. If anybody has some to donate, let Simon know. Also, Seth will be making a run to an engraver supply store and will pick up a stock of laser-able two-colour acrylic.

Members Present

Brennan McKillop, Eva Bodahelyi, James McKeown, Ken Brown, Mark Zander, Peter Coleman, Simon Clark, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond