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Topics Discussed

Bio-mimicry - Jamie - John Roberts

Bio-mimicry lab in Guelph, design space 'Bio-mimicry Frontiers' 8 week classes, used to teach at OCAD, interested in partnering with Diyode so they have a shop to work on their ideas. Biomimicry commons (above planet bean downtown) is the physical space. 12 people in first group, hoping for 3 sessions per year. starting in September. May be hard to find enough training for people.

clean out the fridge - John Roberts

Jamie says he is taking fridge home next week.

wood lathe chuck - John Roberts

no sign of the missing wood lathe chuck.

eva's phone - John Roberts

please find eva's phone - Samsung

recyling in Alberta - John Roberts

Craig was thinking of a mobile plastic recycling unit, something small that the average person could use, or small business shipping container style implementation Craig is learning a lot about plastics, and is really interested in mobile plastic recycling. Craig should talk with Simon - gave him email address,

Meeting Notes

shipping container out back - think belongs to contractors working for land lord.

Lock up for good tools in wood area ?

Members Present

Edward Jackson, Eva Bodahelyi, John Roberts