Topics Discussed

Crowie - azend

Simon needs help -- he thinks addressable RGB strips or a laser etched portrait of Brydon or David Crowe. If anybody wants to help contact Simon.

Sean Yo's thing - azend

Sean is looking to see if we can arrange Saturday morning drop in sessions for kids. Diyode is concerned about becoming a de facto baby sitter. Sean is currently rethinking his approach.

Fix truck exhaust and replace battery - Diyode-Quassel

Battery has been replaced. The union after the exhaust manifold is having issues. We need to get a look under the truck. We're content to wait until the weather is a little warmer so we can fix it ourselves.

Artist in Residence - simon_clark

Mark Zander is still in the selection process. He will pick one, and notify them and us before 1st April.

maker faire attendance and speaker application - simon_clark

Seth and Matt are talking about possibly driving out to Maker Faire San Francisco. It's a 40 hour drive or so. The Make Store is interested in having code shields in their on-site shop, and possible on-line as well. Simon is looking forwards to this as a major code shield sales and network opportunity. We need about 30 code shields prepared in advance of the trip. We'll also have to bag kits; we have parts for another 100 kits, plus one digikey order for another 100. Simon talked a little about ways of improving the kit in the future, either through pre-assembly or inclusion of a freeduino or official arduino in a kit form. Also, John has committed to pitch the CodeShield at Roboticon. David Croal and Eva have (probably) volunteered to present.

membership payment policy - zANDER_

Finance committee has come up with a plan to track member payments, and a draft policy to review payments on the 10th of every month. Members in arrears will lose their access at the end of the month. The Diyode board will review and vote on the draft, and will email all members if the policy change is reviewed. As always, exceptions and special circumstances can be managed; just talk to the board rather than just skipping payments.

resilience festival - simon_clark

Resilience festival is two weeks from now, on the 23rd. Diyode is hosting a workshop from 9am to 1pm. Interested parties will have a meeting with Erin after the meeting proper. Diyode has tentatively agreed to do a table in the mall. John and Seth have tentatively agreed to host the table.

Meeting Notes

Angela Keeley dropped by to say ArtCon is this weekend. She'd like to borrow the spinnerator. She's also thanked Diyode (and Mark in particular) for support in general and birdhouses in particular.

Mark spoke to someone from the Green Party of Ontario, and someone has put a Yurt up in their parking lot ;) They're generally maker friendly. They've invited Diyode to come and talk this Thursday, the 14th of March at 7:30pm, at the corner of Gordon and Fountain (the Green Party HQ). Mark may show up, and Erin and Andy will plug Diyode anyhow.

Members Present

Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond, Simon Clark, John Roberts, Brennan McKillop, Mark Zander, Adrian Harding