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What can we do for the Two Rivers Festival. - zANDER_

Two Rivers is having a festival and are looking for events that celebrate the two rivers. Zander thinks the date is June 14th. We've committed to space, but not to workshops. Zander will create a project page, and send out a notice to the list.

Resilience Festival Participation - simon_clark

We've committed to host a bike repair workshop on March 7th as lead up to the Resilience Festival. If anybody can brink in bike stands. Also, we should get some EL wire and spokepovs together.

Family hack day - simon_clark

Family hack day is a week today at the Children's Museum in KW. We're teaching two classes of 20 students each. Anybody who is helping out needs to sign for a volunteer pass to get in. Bother Simon for the link. This is a great opportunity to learn to teach CodeShield Lesson One. Theo has been suckered in to videotaping the session.

Codeshield Marketing - simon_clark

Simon says he's not doing a great job of it. Verdi, Eva and Dave Carpenter have volunteered to assist marketing the shield.

sewing machine - simon_clark

Eva has been looking into sewing machines. Durable machines are expensive. Good machines are virtually indestructable, though. Eva has found one that can sew ten layers of sailcloth as well as a variety of other materials. Cost is $900USD + the accessories package. This might be a great way to bring in other members of the community such as quilting groups and Guelph Little Theatre. There is something like $1200 remaining from the trillium money. We do have additional income, but purchasing the sewing machine might involve postponing some of our other shop purchases.

Meeting Notes

Angela Keeley is here talking about Art Con Guelph 2013 -- a one day art conference in Guelph. It's free for anyone under 21. It takes place on March 16 at Lakeside Hope House. There are many many events. It's all on Facebook, and Angela has left some contact cards in the shop.

Verdi is still arranging the catapult and snowman exhibit for the Guelph museum. Contact him if you'd like to help!

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