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Meeting Notes

palm sanding down stairs
dont palm sand downstairs.

Lori is going to chat to the stool shelacer.
and Lori will also send out a memo

steps evenness

Bob, goal was to split the difference between the old stair and the top. The materials don't work to make the rise and run even. Bob is thinking of adding stair nosing and re working the stairs.

Eva expressed some concern about the metal cutting so it doesn't get dangerous.

table saw maintenance

Lori and Andrew have been maintaining the table saw and it needs some help. Liam is getting roped in and Bob has mentioned a few tips and thinks its the trunion sp?


A brief Update on the issues and a brief discussion of the answers given to us by the lawyer.

all the directors but one are here.

advertise on the snapped when we tell stories of success Shawn Johnson, as a means to sharing positive stories about Diyode. Eva mentioned its Diyodes 9th years anniversary. There are adds that need to be booked to cover the advertising. 9 people are needed for adds. Talking about starting a 9th anniversary comity we only have about 3weeks. Zander said Lets do the anniversary and arrange for Snap to come and photograph the Party and then do the November edition.

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