Topics Discussed

Clean room construction materials - Draw up and order? - Deriver

Construction list has compiled. Roxal would help the sound proofing

Lani 3d printing services on Skype - automageek

Interesting model, but does not really fit with our 3D printing use, email to memberships.

PI sales - Diyode-Quassel_

September is coming quick, Class will be 900 students again. Need to decide how many to order. We have left-overs from last sale. Eva & Mark need to sort out left-overs. Simon says we are not interested in partnering with Canakit, cause it eats profits. Can we do it cheaper ? HDMI cables can probably be cheaper. How do we figure out how many to order is the big question. Thinking a number like 350 ... Eva will pull last year's numbers together

Battery Pile - Diyode-Quassel_

Battery should go, Zander may want them. Mathew will take to recycling this week. Eva to Bulk e-mail.

bandsaw bladesa - Diyode-Quassel_

bad weld from R&D supplier. Simon bought last set. Simon will send some back for refund. How not to wreck blades ? How do we educate ... Relief cuts.

Meeting Notes

Wood Donations:
Barzotti gave us another skid of wood. Lots of nice Cherry, how do we store ?
top of bathroom vs small storage space?

Security Light:
Joe will put up.

Table Saw:
Went through another nail.

Looking for a handy person - building maintenance kind of thing.

Members Present