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Topics Discussed

Two Rivers festival - zANDER_

We've told them we're probably not organized enough to do anything large, but they'd be happy to use the shop for a canoe repair/bike repair session. If anyone wants to run a session, talk to Mark. Sessions have to be locally focused.

Resilience Festival - zANDER_

Coming up on March 26th. There's an opportunity to re-kick off our Fix-It-Fridays on April 5, as a post-resilience event. Mark will send out a note to the list. We've committed to doing birdhouse/beebox kits for the festival and running a workshop (three sessions with eight vic-- attendees each). Current plan is to either laser or CNC or jig-build a large set of kits in advance. We also have a table in Old Quebec St Mall eco-fair. Simon is looking for volunteers to man the booth.

Laser Cutter Move - zANDER_

Mark Zander suggests we should take the laser offline for an overhaul when we move it. He'd like to schedule time to clean/regrease/recalibrate and relense the machine.

Bike Workshop - tonious

Ouschi and Zack from GOTBike are holding a bike repair workshop in Diyode on the 7th. If anybody has a spare bike stand, please bring it in for that weekend.

Meeting Notes

Events of the week: Family hack day went well. Simon would like feedback on the lesson one curriculum. Besides better laptops and more volume. We should look at a live CD/USB or a set of fleet machines.
Snowmen and Catapults: "Catapults totally failed". Snowmen and stands worked, but the catapults didn't. John Aldham helped with walkthrough people here at the shop.
Daily Planet: It's up on the site: Look up the episode from the 14th, look at part 5, and scroll to 6:45 and you can see Tony's little robots.
Other business: Seth has a sofa to volunteer. General consensus is that diyode is not well organized enough (post expansion).

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