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Main computer's hard drive is dying. You may want to back up everything off of it and replace it with a new one soon before it's all gone. (At least put the important files in Dropbox!) - Chris - Diyode-Quassel


dust collector for planer $ 200 at busy bee - Guest31585

brennan says the $200 one may not have enough CFM? the current dust collector oin the table saw casn work if there is not too much coming off the wood at once. Mark says that one works with walnut (not very much coming off at once) There is talk about a y adapter for the table saw dust collector. Mark and Brennan are talking about how to rig a good system. Liam can do research on a portable one.

- automageek


Get a faster unlimited internet connection for the cameras and clean room from Adrian; keep free Sentex for general shop use - automageek

speed? bandwidth cap? price with HST? There seems to be support for this idea here. past bandwidth won't be reflective of future use with cloud computing and clean room use

Meeting Notes

Brennan TIG welder does arc $1800 Everlast unit 200 Amps can do almost all metals titanium aluminum stainless copper does not come with a tank $260
Brennan will go ahead. consumables tungsten

Curtain Call will be working Next Thursday the 10th of February 9:30 top 11:30 p.m. 8 people have been trained. Mitre saw and table saw

We need HDMI monitors for the pi classes. 8 monitors Chris Z will look into off lease

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