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We need to order more key fobs - Eva Bodahelyi

simon will do this

Doodle robots for use in City of Waterloo public square: A small budget ($1000) which would include supplies and artist fees to build it. The idea for this bot is that it is self-propelled and draws (ideally with chalk) in our square. My colleagues really want 2 bots that will battle it out, but I’m cool with just one. Any chance you or anyone at diyode would be interested in this? We hire out a lot of the Kwartzlab people already so I am trying to speak the maker stuff around the area. From Sonya Poweska Culture Program Specialist, Economic Development City of Waterloo - Eva Bodahelyi

Eva will forward to chris

Update on Space search - Simon Clark

simon talked about 183 dufferin - $5,000 a month Eva to talk to guelph york road hub

Lathe Coolant and Metalshop stewardship - Simon Clark

lathe has no coolant . The metal shop needs a steward to keep an eye on the various components to keep them working.

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projects to sell

Eva to email sean about the metal shop tools - bridgeport

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