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pi sales - jroberts

Missed out on window of opportunity, monday \ tuesday thursday students had bought from previous students, not good sales. have a box of 62 Pi 3 left, and 10 Pi 2 left over. Mark talked about hosting a workshop about media center and Pi's. Mark will chase.

alum inserts - milling machine - jroberts

carbide inserts alum inserts have a sharper point and concave surface, gives better surface finish. face mill for milling machine, $ 150 for a pack of 10, or can buy individual need proper size.

haiti - jroberts - great photos.

shop layout - jroberts

drawing from ed

Meeting Notes

Chris Zimmerman suggested getting more internet.
Adrian offered $ 50 rate per month (+HST)
Adrian's offering is wireless option, should be direct link.

Sentex has always donated internet, at some point we will have to pay for it.
Router can multi-route it so both links would be used.

General shop use is ok on current connection,
Cad software can use a lot of bandwidth,
window's updates can be really time consuming.

we will account for donation of internet,
keep track of actual inernet use.

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