Topics Discussed

100th member strategy - automageek

We need to think about our future direction. The workshop is no longer a small group of people but a large and diverse group.

new vacuum filters - _zANDER_

notified everyone that there are re-usable filters in all the shop vacuums. These should be cleaned out on regular basis.

truck oil change - azend|vps

Verdi will get truck oil changed. Cooperators truck insurance, enroute device that tracks the drivers.

laser cutter stuff - Diyode-Quassel

there are problems with the laser cutter. The tube may not be working correctly. Ken thinks that the laser tube may be too low. This needs to be investigated. We don't have any spare parts. Simon thinks we need some parts. New tube, bend, mirrors and lasers. There was an approx cost of $1400.

truck class III hitch - Diyode-Quassel

this hitch is now broken. It needs to be removed from the truck and replaced. Zander will get around to it over the next few weeks. There is a second hitch on the bumper that should be used instead.

Meeting Notes

Simon has a new t-shirt design.
We are running out of vinyl, need to get more.

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