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noise - Eva Bodahelyi

we are zoned residentila. but in the noise bylaw we are residential. the difference is 2 hours. 9 pm to 7 am quiet time. We can post signs on the outside of the doors for the benefit of the members and neighbourhood. So it is a " be aware of the guidelines" recommendation.

Equipment that needs repair - Eva Bodahelyi

the jointer is missing its clip. it has been broken off Router is broken

we need a new router - Eva Bodahelyi

we need to get an adjustable table router (or adjustable sled) and a hand held one

we need a doorbell on both doors for visitors and members - Eva Bodahelyi

a different sound for both

suggestion box/ email/ note on whiteboard for broken items or notes to members - Eva Bodahelyi

likely best to have a physical means of letting us know, so that it's easier and immediate

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